Safety & Security

Our Safety Consulting understands the importance of protecting your company’s most valuable asset, its employees and assets.

We combine our expertise with world-class training to always give you the ultimate in safety consulting services, providing expert safety consultants trained in the current   best safety practices for your industry. specializes in providing team members who direct and coordinate the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives – cost, time, quality, and participation satisfaction. our Safety Consulting has solutions for everyone from Fortune 500 companies needing onsite safety management or employee training to small contractors needing safety auditing, program development, or assistance with injury management programs, Including CCTV , Alarms, Access, Fire and other related aspects.

Industrial Security is based on several lines of defense and a comprehensive approach. To make this complicated topic easier for you to manage, Impulsum offers a coordinated portfolio of solutions especially for the security of industrial facilities.

Our Security Consulting Services brings many of the world’s top security professionals together for one reason: to keep you safe. Incorporating subject matter experts from virtually every sector, we have a proven track record of success in reducing hazards and mitigating risk.

Our unparalleled range of Security Services includes:

  • Risk assessment.
  • Security program audits.
  • Physical security design.
  • Electronic security systems design.
  • Continuity of operations planning.
  • Construction project security.
  • Perimeter protection planning.
  • Guard force development.
  • Personnel screening protocols.

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